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    Why we do what we do.

  • Tummy Troubles

    Karen in Littleton, Colorado

    DigestZen worked when nothing else did!

    Weight management

    Sharon in Wyoming

    I drink Slim & Sassy in drinking water every day.

    Spikenard - sometimes called lavender for men

    Ben, a boy in Colorado

    My favorite doTERRA oil is Spikenard!

    Skin solution!

    Sela in Fort Collins, Colorado

    I use Lavender for everything skin!

    Ticks be gone!

    Chris in Colorado

    No more ticks spray: Eucalyptus and Melaleuca and top off with witch hazel.

    During fall and winter seasons

    Sela in Fort Colins, Colorado

    Melaleuca and On Guard keep the yuck away!

    So soothing!

    Mark in Hillrose, Colorado

    My favorite doTERRA oil is Deep Blue. It works great.

    A kid's favorite

    Alexander, a kid in Littleton, Colorado

    "My favorite doTERRA oil is grapefruit. But it's hard to tell from orange and lemon."

    Skin issues

    Erin in Castle Rock, Colorado

    My favorite doTERRA oil is Helichrysum. It's great for skin issues!

    Love Lemon

    Abbie, a kid in Colorado

    My favorite doTERRA oil is Lemon!

    Beauty Sleep

    Rachael, a kid in Colorado

    Serenity helps me get my beauty sleep.

    I believe

    Deena in Colorado

    I fall in love with doTERRA every time I use these amazing oils. It truly helps the problem at hand. I believe

    Reduce tension for sleep

    A mom in Colorado

    We found that PastTense helps us sleep.

    Changed our lives

    A dad in Colorado

    Deep Blue and On Guard are life savers!

    Head and neck tension

    Ryan in Wyoming

    We found that Peppermint helps with head and neck tension

    The Swiss army knife of oils

    Jackie in Arvada, Colorado

    Lavender is the fix all for everything.


    Kathy & Ray in Westminster, Colorado

    Our favorite doTERRA oil is Deep Blue. It is amazing.


    A lady in Colorado

    I use Peace blend every day of my life.

    School help

    Izaiah, a kid in Colorado

    I use Lemon to help my left brain and Peppermint to help my right brain.

    For stage fright

    Bella, a kid in Morrison, Colorado

    I use Lavender before shows.

    Laundry happiness

    A mom in Colorado

    I love Wild Orange and Peppermint. I put them on my wool dryer balls.

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