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Wild Orange and Peppermint, a Dynamic Duo

· Essential Oils
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What can a blossoming orange orchard possibly have to do with the sensational, icy blast of the peppermint leaf? I’m glad you asked, because there’s quite a lot these two forces can accomplish together! Before we hit the highlights of this power combo, it’s a good idea to take a quick look at the unique strengths of Wild Orange and Peppermint as individual oils.

We start in the middle of a citrus grove in the Dominican Republic, the Caribbean nation which shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti. Here in the Dominican Republic, dōTERRA® sources refreshing Wild Orange, one of their most popular essential oils. Wild Orange on its own has wide applications, ranging from uplifting the attitude to cleaning the counters and brightening up the breakfast table. In stress-inducing environments, the aroma of Wild Orange exerts a calming influence. In addition to helping us de-stress and combat feelings of tension, this citrus oil also promotes feelings of energy when enjoyed aromatically through diffusing or inhaling. For these reasons and more, Wild Orange is a great one to keep close at hand throughout your work or class week.

As for to the minty half of this duo, Peppermint too has a familiar name and scent. This cooling, invigorating oil comes from the dark green leaves of the herbaceous peppermint plant. Sourced by dōTERRA in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, Peppermint’s potential extends beyond the typical toothpaste and mouthwash applications it initially brings to mind. You can use Peppermint aromatically to help suppress the appetite in the war against food cravings, even adding a drop into your favorite smoothie recipe to mimic an indulgent fast food treat! Another way to use Peppermint during the course of your day is to keep it on your nightstand and begin the habit of breathing in its sweet, energizing aroma following the sound of your morning alarm. Let fresh Peppermint take you to a place of emotional invigoration.

Great, so now that we’ve taken a brief look at each part of this dynamic oil duo on its own, we can move on to what they accomplish together! When citrus fantasy of orange grove meets minty fresh explosion of herbaceous peppermint, magical things happen.

Wild Orange and Peppermint diffused together create an aroma that supports a wide variety of environments, from promoting focus during homework or study time to celebrating summer vacation vibes! The interplay between these two scents, each one evocative and unique in its own right, allows them to form a powerful combination that can be described as both focus-enhancing and energizing. You’ll definitely want to diffuse them together, but also be sure to go for the different sensory experience of dispensing one or two drops each of Wild Orange and Peppermint into the palms of your hands. Rub the palms together before inhaling deeply, and then rub them onto the back of the neck or bottoms of feet.

However you choose to do it, enjoy the energizing boost this citrus-mint duo delivers. Make it a marvelous morning or a festive celebration with these two of dōTERRA’s most beloved oils. Wherever your happy place is, the dynamic blend of Wild Orange and Peppermint is up for the task of getting you there.