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Unlocking Lime

· Essential Oils
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A well-placed wedge of juicy, bright green lime serves to artistically adorn many a refreshing drink, providing that perfect finishing touch for flavor and presentation. Let no one assume, however, that garnish is the ultimate destiny for this little green fruit. And there’s no one better than dōTERRA® to package up Lime essential oil for us and tell us where to start in the world of applications! With six pounds of cold-pressed lime rind packed into the bottle your fingertips, now is definitely the moment to uncap this Brazilian beauty and let it shine.

By now you’ve probably caught on to the fact that popping a few drops of your newest essential oil into your favorite diffuser is a fantastic way to become acquainted with the oil’s aromatic profile and general character. With Lime, we’re going to make it extra interesting with this blend, reminiscent of a famous cocktail: the Mojito. Once you’ve got this mixture of aromas going in your space, breathe deeply and picture yourself recharging on the beach with a cold drink in your hand as you enjoy a breathtaking ocean sunset.

Mojito Diffuser Blend

2 drops Lime

2 drops Grapefruit

2 drops Tangerine

2 drops Spearmint

While we’re talking tropical sunsets, it’s a good time to inform you that dōTERRA sources their Lime essential oil from Brazil, where Key limes are harvested and cold pressed. But wait, doesn’t the “Key” refer to the Florida Keys? The Keys are, indeed, where this variety of lime gained its popularity through being cultivated and included as the main ingredient in Key lime pie. However, the Key lime can grow successfully in most areas where there is no winter frost, which explains why it can thrive in Florida, Brazil, and beyond. Since Lime has already provided us with a mojito-inspired blend and mental imagery of not one but two tropical paradises, the sensory stage has been set to learn some facts about how to use strong, zesty key lime.

A dash of Lime oil has helped many a sweet and savory dish reach its full potential. Tart and tasty kitchen applications include everything from spicy marinades to tangy tropical smoothies, and it’s rewarding beyond the taste buds! Lime has an energizing and purifying effect, supporting emotional balance and boosting immune function. Like its sister citrus, Lemon, Lime is simple to work into your daily routine with a simple drop into a glass of water. Fans of the tropics, you should keep Lime accessible for the feel of an instant beach getaway! Here’s another way to surround yourself with this zesty, energizing aroma: add a drop of Lime to your favorite shampoo for a power boost, or even to your facial cleanser to make use of its purifying properties. Florida Keys fan whose happy place is the beach with a slice of Key lime pie? You’re about to turn your daily shower time into a mini-vacation!

To support memory, increase clarity, and combat exhaustion, grab Lime from the lineup. Use it to cleanse the air, increase focus, uplift mood, and energize you from the inside out with its fresh, tart aroma. Is Lime the key to happiness? That would be a bold statement; but for this oil found in the rind of that little green citrus fruit that graces the tropical regions of your dreams, I wouldn’t rule it out.