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Shield Up!

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In the new dōTERRA® TerraShieldTM Repellent Blend, six ingredients unite to shield you for a safer, more enjoyable summer season. Why call it new, you ask? While the name isn’t new, the essential oil formula received a recent makeover to optimize its repellent capabilities. The newly formulated TerraShield blend leverages the latest research and takes into account EPA guidelines and regulations, making this a great time to shield up for the summer with shiny new protection! Let’s see what Citronella, Lemongrass, Thyme, Cedarwood, Geranium, and Peppermint, together in their base of sesame seed oil, can do for your summer.

First of all, this blend won’t do much good sitting on the shelf: we have to get outside to utilize it. Whether on horseback, hitting the hiking trail, setting up camp, tending the garden, or any other number of outside occupations, the great outdoors is where TerraShield performs. Apply this supercharged repellent blend behind the knees and inside of the elbows, for starters, knowing that the sesame seed carrier oil serves to help the blend stay on the skin longer and prolong its protective effects. Be sure to have TerraShield handy for backyard barbecues and porch time, as well as for the more physical adventures that come your way this summer.

Dispense four to five drops of TerraShield into the hands, using just enough repellent to cover exposed skin or clothing. Spread the blend evenly with hands to cover all exposed skin, and reapply every four hours as needed. Caution: you’ll want to avoid application near eyes or mouth! The intense coolness of the Peppermint included in TerraShield means it should steer clear of the most sensitive areas. In addition to Peppermint, let’s break down the other individual oils within TerraShield to give you a sense of the aroma you’ll be wearing during your outdoor adventures.

Citronella is one we’ve talked about here on the blog quite recently: it comes from a grass, the oil of which commonly appears in perfumes, deodorants, lotions, and soaps, with its trademark lemony-clean aroma. It’s also the first ingredient in TerraShield, making you more repulsive than a citronella candle to a cloud of mosquitoes! Lemongrass, which comes from the same grass family as Citronella, carries a fresh, light scent with a hint of lemon citrus. Thyme, Cedarwood, and Geranium complete the picture with their diverse herbal, woody and floral aromas that generally please humans while repelling insects. Each of these six oils has enjoyed a long, many-century history of traditional uses in supporting human health in cultures the world over.

It’s interesting to note that although each of these oils can be employed internally in different scenarios, the TerraShield blend is for topical or aromatic use only. Because this particular formula of essential oils has been tested against mosquitoes and proven effective, it makes sense to use this blend for its very specific and valuable purpose of providing outdoor protection. If you have an older TerraShield formula, know that this new and improved formula will be permanently replacing the older one. The same goes for the convenient TerraShield Spray. It’s out with the old, in with the new; and most importantly, out with the mosquitoes.

TerraShield is a natural repellent that once again shows us dōTERRA’s concern for providing safe, non-toxic protection for our families. With most repellents full of toxins and synthetic ingredients, newly formulated TerraShield is yet another gift from nature that helps us get outside and adventure more. Wrists, ankles, neck, check: TerraShield up!