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Spring Cleaning Simplified

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With spring in the air, so is pollen, dust, and grime newly brought to light by the sun’s warming rays. As fresh breezes filter through your open windows and previously unnoticed layers of dirt grab your attention, I’m here to offer you some easy spring cleaning recipes to up the fresh factor within your home. It’s only fitting for the inside of our living space to reflect the crisp newness of the season outdoors. Turn on some tunes and get ready to clean!

First off is a recipe to make those floors sparkle and shine for the bare feet (and paws) that frolic across them. To make Handy Hardwood Floor Cleaner, you’ll need:

• 1 gallon warm water

• 1/2 cup distilled vinegar

• 3 drops Lemon or Wild Orange oil

Mix water, vinegar, and oil in a large bucket or container. Mop with a wet mop, or by hand with microfiber cloths for more targeted spot cleaning. Change solution as needed.

That one is so easy, I’m feeling all fired up to get to work on my kitchen floor at this very moment! But first, let me share some other simple spring cleaning solutions. Have you heard about dōTERRA On Guard® Cleaner Concentrate? This product could be your long-awaited secret weapon to help you achieve a clean house. Simply add the cleaner concentrate to water, two tablespoons per 24 ounces water, for a multipurpose cleanser. Use a spray bottle for easy application on surfaces around the home, including those in the kitchen and bathroom. Just don’t use it on hardwood flooring (see above recipe, instead) or natural stone (including granite), due to the powerful properties of the oils within the blend.

On Guard Cleaner Concentrate is also effective for cleaning dishes and cookware. For particularly tough and stubbornly sticky jobs, apply a small amount of concentrate directly to the affected area and let soak. Let’s back up really quick for those who are yet unfamiliar with the On Guard Protective Blend: this is a fan favorite blend of Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary essential oils. It’s known and appreciated for providing natural protection against a variety of environmental threats. On Guard Cleaner Concentrate combines this oil blend with plant-based surfactants, making for a super easy, safe, and cost effective spring cleaning spree! You can even use your On Guard Cleaner Concentrate to sanitize the kids’ toys, or drop a small amount into the kiddie pool this summer to repel pests and keep things clean.

A few final tips for oily cleaning: Tea Tree and Peppermint oils are great mildew fighters. Mix a generous amount of oil drops with water in a spray bottle, and attack slimy invaders head on, repeating daily or weekly as needed. The great thing about cleaning with nontoxic essential oils distilled from friendly plants is that you don’t have to worry about overexposure; it’s wonderful not having to worry about little helping hands squeezing the spray bottle or filling the bucket! Safe cleaning ingredients make it easy for everyone in the family to pitch in and maximize the refreshing nature of home.

Winter has melted into spring, and stubborn buildup must surrender to dōTERRA’s healthy solutions. Tackle dirty jobs with a spring in your step using essential oils, and when you find yourself with the best-smelling house on the block, be ready to share those beautiful brown bottles with your neighbors.