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Niaouli Now

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And the Product of the Month goes to...Nye-OH-lee! Say it with me: nye-OH-lee. Not currently a permanent product offering, dōTERRA® Niaouli essential oil boasts a mega cleansing chemical profile that’s similar to both Tea Tree and Eucalyptus. Niaouli’s rejuvenating properties are well suited for helping to keep the skin clean and healthy looking. Imagine yourself adding a sweet, woody drop to your facial cleansing routine, breathing in the rain-kissed aroma. That’s a great place to start with Niaouli! Now let’s learn more about the very special tree from which Niaouli oil comes, and why we want a promotional piece of this natural wonder.

Picture a land in drought — it’s dusty and brutally sunny. In this inhospitable place, what could possibly grow? Then you spot an unexpected plant; it’s the durable niaouli tree. Among other places, it thrives in Australia and Madagascar and can survive drought, extreme rain, and even forest fire. Mature plants can survive immersion underwater for up to six months, as dormant buds beneath niaouli bark can develop into active shoots ready to help the tree recover from such harsh conditions. Wow, could we humans take a lesson from this recovery ability found in nature, and apply it to our own lives!

Just as you would add a drop of Niaouli to your facial cleanser, you might also add a drop to your toothpaste, knowing that Niaouli oil is a tried and true supporter of oral wellness. Also, to promote feelings of clearer breathing and happier airways, place 2 drops Niaouli in a bowl filled with hot water. Cover your head with a towel, inhaling the steamy, soothing vapor. To use Niaouli’s powerful cleansing properties, add 3-5 drops to a nontoxic cleaning spray and enjoy the green, earthy aroma that rests on everything it touches.

Create a stimulating blend for diffusion by combining Niaouli with Eucalyptus, Lavender, Wild Orange, or even Fennel for a wild escape. Here are some other unique blends to revitalize your surroundings:

Clear Air

• 2 drops Niaouli

• 3 drops Cardamom

• 2 drops Spearmint

Pick Up the Pace

• 2 drops Niaouli

• 3 drops Grapefruit

• 3 drops Peppermint

Commonly known as the paperbark tea tree, the niaouli tree is in the same botanical family as eucalyptus and clove. Its flowers, which can be cream, yellow, green or red, are clustered together in bottlebrush spikes. dōTERRA sources Niaouli oil from Madagascar, where it grows quickly and easily. In fact, the niaouli tree grows year round at a swift rate, creating a beneficial source of additional income for local harvesters without the need to farm any fields. Niaouli grows abundantly in the wild, and after harvest it regrows at such a rate that it’s ready just three months later for another harvest!

It’s little wonder that indigenous Australians utilized niaouli bark for all kinds of traditional purposes, from vessels and shelter to food preparation and preservation. Come flood, fire, or draught, niaouli has what it takes to weather the storm and regrow anew. Use the oil from this refreshing, hardy tree and be inspired to do the same, even while walking through the steady routines of daily life. The time to indulge in the cleansing sensory bath of Niaouli is now!