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Houseplants for Happiness

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Can you think of something houseplants share in common with dōTERRA® essential oils? While there’s definitely more than one possible answer, the specific thing I’m thinking of is that they both have purifying effects on the air within our homes. Houseplants are well known to absorb toxins and hydrate the air, which is a big blessing during the winter months when seasonal threats and dry air can knock us down. Just as a meander through the forest helps calm and stabilize the mind, bringing plants indoors helps connect us with nature in a visible way. You’ve connected the dots between essential oils and plants, but if you’ve never combined the two, you’re about to witness the marriage of two beautiful elements of nature.

Even people who say they can’t keep anything green alive should give succulents a try. They’re low-maintenance and gorgeous at the same time, and it’s fun and easy to make a succulent display that doubles as a non-electric diffuser. If your power ever goes out, you’ll still have a diffuser; and it’s also a great gift idea for a loved one to adorn their space at work or at home.

To create an eye-catching Succulent Diffuser, you’ll need:

• 1 ceramic pot suited to your decorative taste

• 3-5 small succulent plants

• Potting soil

• Lava rocks (these are porous stones that absorb and emit aromas well)

• Your favorite essential oils (or a new one like Japanese Peppermint)

Fill pot about halfway with potting soil. Transfer succulents to a cluster in the center, being careful to leave at least half an inch between each stem. Surround plants with additional potting soil and pat down firmly until soil level is about an inch below the rim of the pot. Water, then cover soil with a generous layer of lava rocks. When ready to diffuse an aroma, place a few drops of oil directly onto the rocks, avoiding plants and roots. (Direct oil application could chemically overpower the delicate leaves, stems, and soil; hence the generous rock layer.)Choose a location for your potted creation where it will receive plentiful sunlight.

Important hint: do a quick search on how often to water succulents. It’s totally doable, really; and beyond that you’ll just want to refresh those lava rocks with added drops of oil every few days. Oils to consider include Lemongrass, Grapefruit, Lavender, and everything in between that strikes your fancy! This Succulent Diffuser makes a perfect centerpiece and is a striking way to introduce your friends to the natural beauty of dōTERRA oils.

Say, do you have some empty oil bottles standing by? If so, here’s how you can make them into tiny decorative planters: simply remove labels and wrap twine around the bottles, using hot glue to secure twine in place. Use your Mini Planters to display air plants (which don’t need soil) or to display a lovely small bunch of flowers or herb cuttings.

Even when the weather outside is too cold for greenery to thrive and bloom, the protected indoor environment allows us to nurture a variety of foliage year round. The green thumbs out there know that houseplants sustain you through to the warmer months, when outdoor gardening becomes a possibility once more; and for the not-yet-green thumbs, it’s your time to give it a try. There’s no better motivation to bring the outdoors indoors than dōTERRA’s little brown bottles full of nature’s serenity!