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Guaiacwood Secrets

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In the vibrant Gran Chaco Forest of Paraguay in South America grows an endangered species found nowhere else in the world. The stately, towering Guaiacwood tree (say “gwy-ack-wood”) thrives in the precise balance of soil and climate provided in this forest. Each year more than 1,000 kg of Guaiacwood essential oil flows from El Chaco into the fragrance and perfume industries, contributing to this second-largest forest in Latin America ranking among the most rapidly deforested areas in the world.

Enter dōTERRA®, with a mission to help keep El Chaco vibrant, productive, and protected. Through a process of teamwork with sourcing partners, thousands of acres of forest are divided into subplots whose guaiacwood trees share a harvesting rotation. To support the growth and longevity of this endangered arboreal species, each plot will have a 20-year rest period before its next harvest.

Why the worldwide interest in Guaiacwood? This earthy, grounding substance has been used for centuries by Native Americans, who had a way of spotting valuable resources and respectfully using them to the utmost extent. Today Guaiacwood oil is used in perfumery and skincare products for its grounding aromatic concert of woody, smoky, and subtle sweetness. Due to the fact that Guaiacwood essential oil is semi-solid at room temperature, dōTERRA combines Guaiacwood oil with Fractionated Coconut Oil for a topical and aromatic experience. Use it in this diffuser blend to create a calming, tranquil atmosphere.

Perfect Harmony

- 3 drops Guaiacwood

- 3 drops Bergamot

- 2 drops Frankincense

This special wood from the heart of Gran Chaco holds some unusual properties and secrets. Guaiacwood is so dense that it sinks in water, and one log can burn through the entire night. When sliced, the wood’s high oil content and initial oxidation temporarily gives it a deep, rich blue hue. That surprising burst of unexpected color hints at a slightly rosy aroma, as some have described it. Combine Guaiacwood oil with a couple of your favorite romantic, luxurious blossoms in this diffuser blend:

Bed of Flowers

- 3 drops Guaiacwood

- 2 drops Jasmine

- 2 drops Rose

Guaiacwood can be applied topically to help soothe minor skin irritations, as well as to support natural hydration. If you like the aroma, you may find one drop to be the ideal addition to your daily moisturizer. With a scent so renowned in the perfume industry, your Guaiacwood-enhanced moisturizer could perform double duty.

It always amazes me how nature can teach us encouraging lessons about patience, strength, and regeneration. In the case of the guaiacwood tree, its root system allows for quick regrowth after harvesting; and the wood is so extremely strong, hard and dense that it requires a long process to chip it down sufficiently for steam distillation into oil. In human terms, this tree is tough and resilient!

With the harvesting process lasting for weeks at a time, harvesters who partner with dōTERRA live on site in remote areas under well-kept, healthy, and safe living conditions as they steward their guaiacwood through the oil sourcing process. From the 37-million acre Gran Chaco Forest comes a 15-mL bottle of Guaiacwood essential oil, each drop holding its unique chemistry, aroma, and secrets for you.