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Feel the Heat with Clove

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It’s only fitting for this season that we turn toward another oil yielded by an evergreen tree. Lest you restrict your view of evergreen trees as standing obediently before a backdrop of snow, I’ll go ahead and tell you that this one thrives in tropical, humid climates! One hot drop of dōTERRA® Clove appropriately reflects the warm environment where the clove tree flourishes.

The clove tree was born in the volcanic Maluku Islands of Indonesia, from which it took a journey of twists and turns that brought it also to Europe and eventually Africa. The people of Madagascar wisely deduced that clove farming could be a lucrative trade, and they quickly developed expertise in the cultivation of this evergreen. This kind of farming requires patience, as it can take eight to ten years for the first flowering and twenty years for clove trees to fully mature. Once the clove tree does flower, the oil contained within the ripe, red blossoms is highly potent due to its concentration of eugenol. This is the chemical that lends Clove its spicy fragrance and wide range of benefits! While it is possible to extract clove essential oil from the branches and leaves of the tree, dōTERRA Clove is steam distilled from the blossoms to maximize the potency of each bottle.

Warm and woody, Clove blends well with citrus oils such as Lemon and Wild Orange, as well as with similarly woody oils including Frankincense and Cinnamon Bark. Clove brings a protective quality to any diffuser blend, cleansing the air it touches.

Shelter Me

• 3 drops Clove

• 2 drops Cinnamon Bark

• 1 drop Wild Orange

The eugenol contained within Clove has serious purifying power. Do some research and you’ll see what I mean; this hot oil turns up the heat on all kinds of unwanted invaders. Take note that Clove should always be diluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil or another carrier oil before applying to the skin. One easy way to control the heat is to combine a drop of Clove with your favorite hand and body lotion for a supportive, warming massage.

From ancient times, the clove bud has been known for its freshening effect when used in the mouth. Today, these oral hygiene benefits can easily be enjoyed by gargling one drop of Clove in a couple ounces of water; so if you’re up for a hot homemade mouthwash, you have a new go-to for soothing the teeth and gums. Alternatively, place a drop in your toothpaste for a truly stimulating brushing experience.

Since clove in its dried form very likely resides in your kitchen cupboard already, you’ve probably experienced its flavor in a variety of sweet and savory dishes. Next time you’re baking a pumpkin or gingerbread recipe, use spicy Clove oil in place of the dried spice. As a general rule, baking requires a bit more essential oil than cooking: for example, a toothpick dip of oil may be sufficient for a sauce, while a baked good may require one or two full drops. Measurement wise, 1 teaspoon of dried herbs is roughly equivalent to 1 tablespoon fresh herbs, which is roughly equivalent to 1 drop of essential oil. Mix your Clove oil with a liquid during the cooking process to help evenly distribute both the flavor and cleansing benefits. Spicy and clean, Clove is a wellness boost that’s just one hot drop away!