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Face Embrace

· Essential Oils
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Could it be there’s a new way to use dōTERRA® essential oils that’s staring you right in the face? We’re about to create a simple way to help you breathe a little easier, on multiple levels!

Imagine for a moment your face mask is a personal diffuser made of fabric. Rather than focusing on the discomforts of this particular piece of apparel, let’s hone in on the aromatic world we can create for ourselves. Get out your ever useful amber glass spray bottles, because here we go!

To create a uniquely you collection of Face Embrace Sprays, you’ll need:

Small amber glass spray bottles

Water or unscented witch hazel

Calming, grounding, and/or supportive dōTERRA oils of choice

Combine several drops of your chosen oils with enough water or witch hazel to top off the bottle. Shake mixture gently before giving the inside of your cloth mask a good spritz or two prior to wearing. If you have especially sensitive skin, opt for spraying the outside of the mask instead.

Have some fun creating and labeling separate bottles with personalized blends. For example, you could vary your mask spray with the days of the week to keep your olfactory senses stimulated and on their toes (goodbye, stale breath odor!). Toss a bottle into your purse to come to your rescue in the grocery store for that moment when you find yourself in dire need of some fresh air. Perfect starting oils for your consideration include Lemon, Wild Orange, Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Frankincense. Whenever out-of-control feelings seem to compound, nerves feel high-strung, and your face covering needs to stay in place - it’s the right time to pull out a bottle of your own refreshing Face Embrace!

If you’re a dental technician or other healthcare professional, you’ve long been familiar with face masks and have learned to live with them, to an extent. But many of us are first-time mask wearers who weren’t previously accustomed to them, so we can struggle with feelings of compounded stress when our faces are covered. What a gift that we have uplifting, health-boosting essential oils to help us cope with these new surroundings!

If you’re one of the clever ones who thought of using dōTERRA in conjunction with face coverings long ago, congratulations; it’s definitely time to share this mood-lifting idea. Everyone can benefit from the fresh aroma of a citrus oil, the grounding nature of King Frankincense, or the serenity-inducing state brought on by Lady Lavender during this time when tensions are high. Not only can you seize the moment and build positively upon the circumstances that are literally right in front of your face, you can also enjoy and share essential oils in a brand new way. Next time you don that mask, do it with dōTERRA’s aromatic embrace!