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Cedarwood Goodness

· Essential Oils
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Prepare to get grounded in the best sense with one of dōTERRA®’s most stalwart and earthy oils, Cedarwood. This warm, woody essential oil comes to us from the southeastern region of the USA. I see you, American fans of goods made in your homeland; you can go ahead and let out a cheer for Cedarwood! We’re about to cover a host of additional reasons to celebrate it. First, a note for those of us who prefer to embrace trees rather than cut them down: dōTERRA responsibly sources Cedarwood essential oil from red cedar byproducts of the lumber industry. This sustainable practice translates to zero waste, so you can feel great about putting this grounding oil to use.

Though dōTERRA Cedarwood is sourced in the young nation of America, the cedar tree has been well utilized throughout the pages of world history beginning with ancient empires including the Sumerians and Egyptians, who revered the wood as sacred. Other cultures, such as the Phoenicians and Assyrians, put the sturdy wood to use in constructing strong fleets of ships for trading and naval conquest. One of the very first essential oils extracted from nature may have actually been from the cedar of Lebanon, which is mentioned in the Bible. And get this: some varieties of cedar can reach 100 feet in height and live close to 900 years! That’s nine centuries…almost a millennium. We could definitely stand to learn some lessons in longevity and stability from this magnificent tree, so let’s learn about the essential oil it gives us.

Warm, outdoorsy Cedarwood inspires wellness and confidence as it soothes, clarifies, and relaxes. When you need some serious grounding, or spot an opportunity to offer this gift to someone else, reach for your Cedarwood. Its aroma is also useful for calming anxious feelings; inhale it from cupped hands or deliver in the form of a foot rub. Test the following diffuser recipe at a moment you know you’ll be in need of relaxation and peace. You may even be able to plan ahead for it based on your typical weekly schedule.


3 drops Cedarwood

2 drops Wintergreen

2 drops Bergamot

Don’t be surprised if this diffuser blend transports you in the mind to a forest of tall, unwavering cedars, equipped to thrive under harsh conditions and inspiring you to do the same. Consider Cedarwood the closest you might come to accessing bottled-up determination and stability! Add one or two drops to your daily facial toner or moisturizer to promote healthy, glowing skin; combine with Tea Tree oil for an especially powerful skin-supporting combo. Before working out, massage a small amount of Cedarwood directly onto your chest to provide an added boost of vitality that can help you run that extra mile. Let this oil of the mighty cedar promote strength and wellness in multiple contexts, including times when emotional balance and a feeling of deep connection are most needed.

As you begin to use Cedarwood for its grounding abilities and blend it with other oils, think herbal oils (like Clary Sage) as well as other woody oils (such as Cypress, Frankincense, or Sandalwood); and you might even try blending it with Lemon for a distinctively uplifting effect. Thank goodness that dōTERRA Cedarwood, with a history as rich as its woody aroma, makes the time-tested goodness of the mighty cedar ours to enjoy today.