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A Walk in the Woods with Cypress

· Essential Oils
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You’re surrounded by a fresh, woody aroma that conjures up images of towering trees in a romantic forest. Are you delightfully lost among wild evergreens, or did you just twist open a bottle of dōTERRA Cypress?

The power of aromatics to transport us to magical places is perfectly demonstrated by this lively, energizing essential oil. Cypress is frequently used in spas and massage oils, not only for its refreshing fragrance but for its plentiful benefits to the skin. Add one or two drops to your facial toner to help improve the appearance of oily skin. To see Cypress in action with some of its best buds, use it in conjunction with Lavender and Sandalwood for even more healthy skin support!

About to head out for a long run? Massage those feet and legs with Cypress essential oil for an energizing boost, at the same time taking advantage of its ability to promote healthy circulation throughout the body. The sweet balsamic undertones of Cypress also make it a popular character in colognes and aftershaves. That might explain why it smells so romantic to us ladies … well, that, and the fact that pleasant, woody dōTERRA Cypress essential oil comes to us from the fragrant branches of stately trees in France and Morocco. Oui, oui!

Cypress combines well with citrus oils, so here are a few ideas for mixing up some woodsy citrus magic. Diffuse Cypress with Lime to fill the room with an invigorating scent, or mix Cypress with Grapefruit (diluted with some Fractionated Coconut Oil) for an equally invigorating yet grounding massage blend.

Emotionally, Cypress can reduce anxious feelings and encourage feelings of energy and vitality to well up. It’s known to be aromatically helpful during times of transition or loss to help people regain a sense of security and strength during times of change. In fact, the Cypress tree has historically been associated with both mourning and hope. Diffuse, massage, or inhale, but keep your methods of enjoyment to the outside of your body; Cypress essential oil should not be swallowed.

Energizing while calming, invigorating while grounding. If it seems the benefits of Cypress contrast each other too sharply, you’ll just have to make friends with this woodsy forest in a bottle to figure out the balance for yourself. It’s time to twist open that little brown bottle and enjoy your walk in the woods!