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A New Shade: Pink Pepper

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How do you feel about the color pink? A popular favorite among girls and women, pink typically symbolizes tenderness, delicacy, and beauty, as well as the underlying fierce strength with which a delicate beauty can face challenges head on. In the US, the month of October is breast cancer awareness month; so you might even see a fire engine painted temporarily pink in honor of all this color symbolizes.

To think pink with dōTERRA®, picture a shower of pink berries falling from a heavily shaken tree, then laid out to dry in the sun. The lovely berries are handled and tossed into the air for separation and cleaning, resulting in what appears to be a flurry of pink snow. Then the peppercorns are scooped into bags to be distilled the very same day they were picked, to preserve their optimal oil content. Combine this quick harvest turnaround with the fact that nimble men and women must physically climb the large pink peppercorn trees to shake off the berries, and you’ve got quite a labor intensive process behind Pink Pepper essential oil. This fast-growing evergreen tree can grow to be up to 45 feet tall and wide! That’s a lot of height to scale and branches to traverse to free those peppercorn berries.

Having envisioned the shape of a peppercorn, Black Pepper oil has probably crossed your mind. What’s the difference between it and Pink Pepper? Well, although they’re not botanically related and are chemically quite different from each other, they can at times be used interchangeably. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can certainly try swapping out Black for Pink in the Pepper department while preparing meats, sauces and the like. Pink Pepper will be more subtle, and could offer a refreshing change while still maintaining those healthy digestive benefits you’ve come to expect from Black Pepper oil. Both are spicy aromas, but the pink pepper tree actually belongs to the same family as the cashew tree and is characterized by its soothing chemical properties. Pink Pepper is a popular perfume aroma because of its calming, fruity, and pleasantly spicy quality. Inhaled or diffused, this oil invigorates and promotes alertness to surroundings.

Pink Pepper creates a sensational combination with floral oils in the following diffuser blend!

Shades of Pink

• 2 drops Pink Pepper

• 2 drops Geranium

• 2 drops Bergamot

It’s also a heavy hitter in a similar way to Frankincense when it comes to supporting a healthy body on the microscopic cellular level. To fill your space with a strong respiratory-supporting combination, cozy up close to the mist that emits from this powerful diffuser recipe:

Deepest Cleanse

• 3 drops Pink Pepper

• 3 drops Frankincense

• 2 drops Lemon

In both Kenya and Peru, new jobs were created when dōTERRA® partnered with harvesters to utilize the pink peppercorn berries that were already growing wild. Thick clusters were literally ripe for the picking, and everyone has benefited from the interest in these tiny pink beauties. If it wasn’t already, pink just might be your new favorite color, and Pink Pepper your newest shade to enjoy.