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A Little Stronger Every Day

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We set a goal, we change a habit, we put in the work, and we get a little stronger in that area daily. That’s the way progress is made, and dōTERRA Stronger® bottles up a robust blend of Cedarwood, Litsea, Frankincense, and Rose to assist you in making that progress! Balanced in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil in ready-to-go roller form, Stronger soothes the emotions during times of distress. You know exactly when it is in your day that you tend to feel overwhelmed and in need of a comforting hand up toward resiliency. That, my friend, is the time to get Stronger.

Originally introduced as part of the Kids Oil Collection, Stronger helps to provide natural defense against environmental threats with its bright mix of light herbal and sharp lemony essential oils. When I think of strength, one of the first images I picture is a thick, towering tree that has withstood many intense storms. The aroma of strength itself seems to be embodied in Cedarwood oil, which is warm, woody, and grounding. Cedarwood oil reminds us it’s possible to thrive in harsh environments, letting the elements refine us as we grow. Next, evergreen, shrub-like Litsea contributes a sweet aroma to the Stronger roller blend. Small fruits are distilled into a cleansing oil that offers supportive properties with a lemony twist.

As the King of Oils, Frankincense seriously ups the ante by bringing the richness and deepness of this resin’s extraordinary nourishing power. The aroma of Frankincense also complements the other oils in Stronger to create the beautiful scent that emits from this kid-friendly roller bottle. Finally Rose, Queen of Oils, adds the delicate fragrance of one of the most precious and prized oils of all time. Rose balances, comforts, and uplifts, bringing harmony to everything it touches.

Combining such an array of valuable and powerful gifts of the earth into one easy to use, easy to carry blend was genius! Together, the oils that make up the Stronger blend evoke feelings of wellness and vitality, promote positivity, and help to maintain clean and healthy skin. Woody and floral oils unite to brighten and refresh the senses during times when rejuvenation is most needed. Roll on Stronger when you want to comfort distressed skin, soothe the body after a long day, or comfort the emotions when stressful feelings arise.

Stronger’s base of Fractionated Coconut Oil isn’t a filler; it actually serves to aid absorption into the skin while minimizing any skin sensitivity. This pre-dilution makes using Stronger simple and easy for the younger crowd: all they have to do is reach into their backpack, uncap, roll onto the back of the neck, wrists, or other accessible area for a sensory boost, and relax. Stronger is a great blend to have on hand for those inevitable situations that call for quick soothing of mind and body. And when your little loved one is home for the day, a thorough massage on the bottoms of the feet with Stronger could be in order.

Note that if you’ve ever seen a bottle of Stronger adorned with a colorful silicone topper and carabiner, it was included in the Kids Oil Collection bundle as one of seven unique roll-ons in a super cool carrying case. Yes, the topper and carabiner are cute and handy; but the chance to get Stronger on its own, even though it won’t come with these adorable accoutrements, is totally worth it. The accessories are nice, but it’s the super powered blend of Cedarwood, Litsea, Frankincense and Rose contained within that really makes it worth your investment. So let this blend remind you to hold on just a little longer — this is only going to make you stronger!